Say yes to yourself


Are you balanced? Do you share your time, your energy, your life, as much with yourself as you do with those around you? We all know how simple it is to say “yes, yes, yes” each time someone makes a request. After all, it makes us feel good, makes us feel needed, and makes us feel loved. And the more we say yes, the more they ask of us. And we tell ourselves this is an example of even more love.

But soon we say yes to too many things.

We get bitter about our relationships.

Can’t they do anything for themselves?

Nothing would get done around here if it weren’t for me. Isn’t there anyone else who can help?

After a while, things don’t get done, promises go unfulfilled, and relationships break down.

And so do us.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Know your limits.

You are one of the most important people you need to look after and love.

Balance your time, your energy, your life with those around you.

You will be able to give more freely and joyfully as a result, and you’ll be more open to the gifts of the universe.


It’s not wrong to give to others. But it’s okay to say yes to ourselves, too.




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