Life Isn't Fair


Walk into practically any bar or other public place where there is a group of people and what will you hear? Whine, whine, whine - everywhere a whine. If some of these whines are yours, it's time to quit complaining. Nothing is as exhausting as sitting around whining about things - particularly about the unfairness of life. And nothing is as futile. In case you haven't noticed, true success and true happiness don't like whiners. Haplessly, the vast majority of human beings are stuck on this lower level of consciousness which entails complaining, criticizing, and other modes of negativity about how life isn't fair.

Even the media does it.

This level is one of low energy and keeps people exactly where they are, never progressing toward higher levels of consciousness, along with true success and enlightenment.

No doubt life isn't fair.

Try not to freak out every time someone tells you this.

What will set you up for great disillusionment is the belief that there is some connection between what is and what should be.

You must accept the fact that there isn't any relationship between the equitable and the actual.

Then you must make the best of it.

What you expect and what you are going to get in life are two vastly different things.

You may find to your great dismay that the vast majority on this planet do not demand the pleasure of your company even when you accomplish something that immensely benefits all of the human race.

The danger is that a minor setback can send you into a severe tailspin if you believe that life should be fair.

Don't be the least bit surprised when your employer passes you over for a promotion, and instead promotes a lazy colleague with ten years less expertise and seniority than you.

Fact is, far more serious injustices have happened to better people than you and me.

Unfortunately, bad things do happen to good people.

But most of our troubles come from how we interpret, label, and judge the events that shape our lives.

Our voices of judgment work to classify things as black and white.

We end up spending 95 percent of our time judging people and events as to whether they are bad or good and right or wrong.

The key to making life more enjoyable is to be above all delusions of fairness, rightness, or justice. Be prepared for life's interferences’ and diversions throwing a monkey wrench into the best of plans and projects.

On no account allow any of life’s unexpected events to make you angry, bitter, or without hope, however.

There is no rational reason why sometimes misfortune strikes and things don't work out.

Life can be extremely illogical or unreasonable.

It bears no relationship to justice or reason or idealistic notions about how it should be.

It may appear at times that there are no rewards for being good and no gains from suffering misfortune.

Nothing is ever lost, however, by putting yourself to the ultimate test to see whether you can be happy under these circumstances.

Spiritual masters say everything that happens to us happens for a reason.

Our suffering is supposed to have meaning, even when this escapes us at the time.

Coming to grips with this spiritual principle will make you less disturbed by unexpected events and more prepared to deal with them.

Although life isn't fair, you have an obligation to do your best anyway.

Accept more of what life brings your way and you won't be insulted by reality.

We have all felt victimized by other people and affected unfairly by negative events.

At the same time we have been blessed with strengths and talents to help us deal with the various difficulties that life likes to throw our way.

One you accept that life isn't fair; you will be at greater peace with yourself and the world around you.

 Life will still throw many curve balls your way. But you will be able to hit your share of home runs.

The more you can hold up to the trials and tribulations of life, the more home runs you will hit.


You may even get a grand slam or two along the way.




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