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Depending on how you handle and reduce the normal stresses of daily life, you can end up a bright light, a flickering one, or a complete burnout. Often we don't pay enough attention to how daily stress can interfere with our health and contribute to illness. When we find ourselves feeling a little down, it's best to rejuvenate our spirits by reconnecting with Nature.

Some days you may be so stressed that you think you have a nervous breakdown coming on.

The battle that rages within can scramble your brain or even run you completely off your rails.

Instead of seeing a psychologist, head for the closest park, seashore, or forest.

Fact is, an encounter with Nature is the best medicine for many of your ailments.

Walking or running outdoors will do more to relieve your stress, and revitalize you, than prescription drugs, six beers, two hours of TV, a big meal, or a visit to your therapist.

In fact, you shouldn't wait until you get to that super-stressed-out state.

"The trouble with the fast lane," observed John Jensen, "is that you get to the other end in an awful hurry."

Start noticing your stress early on before it starts affecting you in any significant way.

Relax both your body and your mind by getting closer to Nature.

We keep forgetting about the many benefits Nature has to offer us.

The more humans have removed themselves from Nature, the more alienated from the world they have become.

If you are an in-tune person, you will find walking through a park or the woods much more satisfying than spending time in a room full of gadgets, trinkets, and other trappings of modem society.

What comes via Nature costs little or nothing.

Instead of thinking you have to join a fitness club, get into the habit of using the outdoors as your personal gymnasium. Being outside the house or office is in itself a great remedy for stress.

The sounds, smells, and rhythms of Nature compel us to slow down and relax.

At least once a month take the opportunity to spend the whole day outdoors in order to get away from your normal surroundings.

One of my favorite T-shirts has a picture of a mountain goat riding a bicycle.

Underneath is this good advice: "Have an out-of-car experience. Walk and bike, feel the wind, meet friends, see wildlife, and be part of Nature."

Instead of going for a car ride, take a bicycle trip of five miles or more where you will be exposed to the elements - to all the sights, sounds, and smells along the way.

You will experience a myriad of things you can never experience traveling the same route in a car.

Researchers give other reasons why you should take advantage of being outside of your apartment or house as much as possible.

Studies show that there are twenty to thirty times as many pollutants in the average house as there are outside. For a healthier you, try to spend at least thirty minutes outside each day.

Health professionals state that deep breathing exercises are important for optimum health.

It follows that outside in the woods, where the air is fresher and cleaner, is the best place to practice deep breathing.

Be a part in Nature's big picture more often.

Not only will you feel better, you will value life more.

Listen for all of the interesting sounds.

Pay attention to the things bright and beautiful.

Try stargazing, bird-watching, and sailing.

Be adventurous on your walks.

Hug twenty different types of trees.

Chase wild animals.

Get outdoors right now and see how refreshed and relaxed you feel!


All told, an encounter with Nature will do wonders for your physical wellbeing and psychological outlook on life.




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